Syteline Enterprise Planning

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

  • Explode all assembly schedules into component requirements
  • Consume the forecast with actual orders as they are received
  • The master production schedule (MPS) allows you to control production of key end items to help you protect your schedule from fluctuations in order-based demand (forecasts, customer orders, parent job orders, etc.). MPS is a manually created, anticipated build schedule for an item. You create it based on your expectations of demand and your estimation of resource capacity.
  • Material Planning Workbench for automatic creation of Purchase Orders, Jobs, or Transfer Orders
  • Run MRP for all sites or individual sites
  • Define a source per part – Manufactured, Purchased, or Transferred to define sourcing by site.
  • Available To Promise
  • View Exception messages when exceptions occur such as on-hand quantity drops below safety stock, or when a planned receipt is no longer needed (or needs to be moved in or out in time)
  • Use the Order Action Report to determine the job orders and purchase orders you must generate and release for a given item to be available when needed
  • Replicate MRP planned transfer orders to the supply sites in your multi-site environment
  • Peg each supply against demand using the Pegging Display form


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