Syteline Enterprise Planning

Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS)

  • Greater visibility in planning — Our solution provides exceptional visibility into the lean manufacturing plans it creates. You get a continuously visible plan for each order, so that every order ―knows‖ the jobs and POs it needs, and every supply ―knows‖ the demand it supports. You also gain new insight into your inventory and your resources (machines, operators, work centers, cell, and facility utilizations).
  • Simultaneous materials and resource scheduling — Our solution concurrently plans all materials and capacity needed to satisfy the customer order. It balances available capacity with the actual projected workload without assuming that capacity is unlimited or "infinite." Plans are continually adjusted based on the changing dynamics of your manufacturing environment.
  • ―What-if‖ capabilities — The ―what-if‖ capabilities of the SyteLine APS engine let users determine the impact of decisions. For example, you can insert a high priority order into your current production plan, add overtime hours, or outsource specific components. The system instantly determines which customer orders will be affected and how delivery timeframes will change.
  • Real-time promise dates — At the time of order entry, our solution provides the ability to obtain a promise date for the order which considers the finite constraints of both material and capacity. Users only need to perform a Capable to Promise (CTP) check within the order entry screens. This powerful feature gives you real-time date promise capability at both the order header and line detail level.


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“We engaged Fox Run and Solutions to look into system performance issues that occurred three months after upgrading to SL8. As a result of their experience, knowledge and genuine concern, our routing processes and reports have decreased run time by as much as 75%. With some additional hardware tuning recommended by FRSS, we eagerly anticipate even better results. ”

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Commercial and Residential Door Manufacturer
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