Syteline Enterprise Planning


  • Collect data — Collect historical sales of products or usage of components in both units and dollars.
  • Calculate forecasts — Use historical demand and various algorithms with what-if analysis. Forecasts also can be generated collaboratively with customer specific demand. The solution also supports combined forecasting methods, such as when part of demand is forecast by statistics and part by imported customer data.
  • Analyze data — Analyze forecasts, sales, bookings, or usage of materials by unit and dollar volume and compare forecasts to historical trends and to actual demand. Information is presented graphically by groupings, including product, family, commodity, planner, and user defined.
  • Adapt the forecast — Adjust the forecast for specific market factors such as promotions, competitive situations, and new opportunities. These adjustments can be made at the various group levels or at the item level.
  • Calculate optimum inventory levels —Calculate optimum safety stock, order size, and re-order points, factoring in average usage, variability, lead time, and desired service level.
  • Perform top-down forecasting — For configure-to-order products, use planning bills to calculate or specify a single forecast for a group of items and then consume that forecast when members of the group are sold. For common components but with unlimited end-item possibilities, the solution enables you to forecast the components, rather than the end items, and consume the forecast when the components are used.


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What Our Customers Say

“We have used Fox Run Systems and Solutions in more than a dozen projects over the last ten years. Projects such as complicated report creation, schema changes, Syteline multisite, version upgrades, data collection and acquisition DB mergers have allowed Syteline to grow with our business. The ROI gained from having expert professionals focusing solely on the task at hand has always made projects implement quicker and cheaper than any other third party or OEM.”

Information Systems Manager
Power Solutions Manufacturer