Syteline Production Management

Work Orders or Jobs

Infor ERP SyteLine allows you to use jobs, also referred to as manufacturing work orders, to track specific manufacturing processes, including labor, material, machines, costs, scrap, work in process, and finished goods inventory. A job is a mechanism to launch and monitor production to meet a planned requirement.

Jobs are very flexible and easily changed to meet a specific customer‘s requirements and provide great detail in cost tracking and analysis. It‘s also a way to cross-reference production to a specific customer order that needs to be tracked in detail. Jobs have their own bill of material and routing structure and are individually released to manufacturing. In addition, job definition for rework order processing is available, allowing for recursive item repair use with planning impact basis.

  • ERP SyteLine provides several methods of creating and defining a job; you can use whichever method you prefer.
  • Use the Material Planner‘s Workbench to manage the creation of all of your jobs in a single screen.
  • Link customer orders directly to jobs
  • Schedule jobs based on finite and infinite forward scheduling
  • Issue materials to a work order or back flush materials automatically based on operation or job completions
  • Validate material availability to determine whether or not a job can be completed on time
  • Review estimated versus actual costs by job
  • Payroll integration
  • Machine-hour reporting
  • Create jobs for By-products, Co-Products or Rework
  • Allows for Overlapping Operations
  • Outside Vendor Process
  • Drive costs by Work Center & Department
  • Track all actual (or standard) labor and material, as well as WIP (work-in-process) costs, through a detailed routing.
  • Transactions can be entered manually, or posted automatically with bar code data collection or back flushing.


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