Syteline Production Management

Batched Production

Using the Infor ERP SyteLine Scheduler, you can group several potentially different items on different jobs into a batch and process that batch through, for example, an oven or a paint booth. After the batch is processed, the different jobs then continue on their own routing. Batching affects only the Scheduler, not the Planner.

Each batch definition describes how batches are formed, including a routing that processes the batched parts. The operations forms include a batch definition field. Any operation on which a batch definition is specified is referred to as the batch operation.

  • User-defined or system-created batches
  • Tell the Scheduler how batches should be formed including how jobs/production schedules will be batched together and when a batch will be released to be processed.
  • Define operations that use the batch definitions
  • Create user-defined batches which include specific released jobs and production schedule releases
  • Define operations that use the batched production definitions
  • View a summary of batch activity that occurs during a Scheduling run
  • Maintain a list of the characteristics of items that can be separated into batches


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