Syteline Production Management

Co-products and By-products

Many production processes result in more than one stock keeping unit (SKU). These additional materials may be Co-products or By-products and SyteLine models both.

A By-product is something that is a residual of or incidental to the production process. You are not in the business of making the by-product, and if you could eliminate it from the process, you would. But since it has value, you need to inventory it. Co-Products arise when you create many SKUs with the same job.

  • Create jobs that make groups of items, rather than a single item
  • Create Co-Product Mixes
  • Support both Actual and Standard costs
  • Support Production schedules and Estimates for By-products
  • Perform Lot tracking
  • Assign the cost distribution percentage between material, labor, and machine for each co-product job operation
  • Process job material transactions to record receipt of By-products into inventory


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