Syteline Inventory Control

Physical Inventory

Having an accurate count of your inventory is crucial to managing operating costs and making informed business decisions.

SyteLine’s Physical Inventory function allows you to take a physical count of every item on hand, input the counts into the system, and compare the book count with the actual count for each location of the item.

Within SyteLine, you can have a visual workflow to guide you through the physical inventory process from freezing the inventory through printing inventory tags, reviewing / posting count quantities and finally unfreezing the inventory.

After the actual counts are audited, edited, and approved, they may be posted to the Items record. This posting adjusts the inventory counts as well as the value for all items and locations that have a discrepancy between the book count and the actual count.

Cycle Counts

Cycle Counting allows you to perform an inventory count on a small subset of your inventory. While it’s similar to a physical inventory, you don’t have to interrupt operations in order to run cycle counts. It provides for continuous audits of the inventory and can be focused on specific SKUs.


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