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ION Activitydeck & Locator Feature

Typically, business monitoring rules are application specific, which means they require the definition and maintenance of different and potentially conflicting rules for the same exception. For example, you may monitor opportunities that are lost above $100,000. If you have multiple CRM or ERP systems, you will need to monitor each of them and set up application-specific rules, as their data models are different. At Infor, you define one single business rule using the elements from the standard XML document. So the rule is defined once, and the source of the document is irrelevant. Since it’s a push behavior, the monitors do not need to query back to your transactional database every minute. This would again remove a number of touch points back to your business system

Real-Time Event Streams

  • Rules based real-time exception streams
  • Roles based subscription to information
  • Exceptions are generated from ION Event Processing engine
  • Escalations rules for events

Task-based work queues

  • Tasks generated by ION Workflow
  • Roles/hierarchy based task assignment
  • Actionable tasks from desktop or mobile devices
  • Tasks can be grouped into logical units of work or work queues


  • Receive alerts and tasks on the go
  • Take actions directly from the mobile device
  • Secure integration with Motion Server
  • Out-of-the box setup


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“We engaged Fox Run and Solutions to look into system performance issues that occurred three months after upgrading to SL8. As a result of their experience, knowledge and genuine concern, our routing processes and reports have decreased run time by as much as 75%. With some additional hardware tuning recommended by FRSS, we eagerly anticipate even better results. ”

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