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ION Workflow Feature

ION Workflow utilizes the same business rules engine used in Event Management to detect if a workflow approval needs to be executed. We call this activation policies. Workflow is defined in the ION Desk using a graphical editor that is based on BPMN 2.0 standards.

Standard patterns like routing, conditions, loop-backs, matrices, etc. are supported. When a workflow runs, different tasks or notifications are sent to people or a group of people. A task can be approving a purchase order, or reviewing a new price, or a link to an application to enter or review some information.


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“We have used Fox Run Systems and Solutions in more than a dozen projects over the last ten years. Projects such as complicated report creation, schema changes, Syteline multisite, version upgrades, data collection and acquisition DB mergers have allowed Syteline to grow with our business. The ROI gained from having expert professionals focusing solely on the task at hand has always made projects implement quicker and cheaper than any other third party or OEM.”

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