Syteline Customer Profiles


Brentwood Industries

A longtime Infor SyteLine customer, Brentwood routinely reassesses its technology infrastructure. "Every seven to ten years, our company wants to re-evaluate what's out there to see if there's a better product for our business," says Kenneth Kemp, Brentwood's IT manager. Like any other company in an industry as competitive as plastics, Brentwood constantly seeks to increase workforce efficiency, product quality, and operational excellence by improving the speed of access to data throughout the company. The most recent assessment came at a crucial moment. Despite being mired in of one of the toughest recessions that manufacturers had ever seen, Brentwood still maintained a healthy 45% rate of growth over six years. The company needed its technology to support that level of growth while keeping margins strong. Managers also wanted to consolidate their list of software vendors to improve global visibility for all operations and provide users easier access to data.

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Brookfield Engineering

With Infor SyteLine, Brookline Engineering Laboratories has gained the ability to support all continuous improvement processes, simplified and reduced the number of process steps and transactions, and maintained the high quality levels required by ISO 9000 standards. The company’s revenue recently reached record levels.

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Caldrea, maker of aroma therapeutic cleaning products, sees Infor’s SyteLine as the solution to manage processes. The partnership with Infor provides the company with the “ability to change and personalize the software to integrate to those new business partners” and this is key to Caldrea’s business.

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Carlton Taylor Industries

Carlton Taylor Industries expects to achieve significant cost savings through integration, efficiency and productivity improvements through its implementation of Infor SyteLine.

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CAV Aerospace

This one-page profile of CAV Aerospace outlines the challenges faced by the company and the benefits realized in using Infor SyteLine to address those challenges. Contains two quotes, some facts about the sale, and a brief bio of the company. CAV Aerospace Limited engages in the manufacture, integration, assembly, and supply of ice protection systems and aerostructures for general aviation, regional, business jets, and UAV applications worldwide. The U.K.-based aerospace manufacturer was expanding rapidly, acquiring or building sites in the U.S., Poland, South America and Mexico, bringing the total to 13. Each location ran a different enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Some didn't have one at all. The need for a unified system for financial consolidation and reporting was clear. The U.K. plant had been using Infor's Syteline ERP software since 2000, and the CEO made the decision to implement the latest version at each of the new sites.

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Preferred Sands

Shortly after completing their first year of sales, Preferred Sands realized they needed to upgrade their software system in order to meet with demand on a larger scale. After evaluating several different solutions they chose Infor ION and Syteline ERP. This provided them with the ability to connect with different data systems and track the location of their inventory in real time. The added efficiency and scalability has propelled Preferred Sands into holding the second largest percent of the market in the United States, and the largest in Canada.

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Herman Miller

A leading global manufacturer of office and domestic working environment furniture, Herman Miller’s company maintains manufacturing and distribution centers across the world. Syteline increased their productivity and overall accuracy, as well as improved decision making through better operational visibility. By cutting the time it takes to purchase components for manufacture, and with the ability to automatically deliver purchase orders to key suppliers, production has increased from 40 chairs an hour to 120 chairs an hour.

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Governair designs and manufactures heating, cooling and ventilation systems for commercial and industrial use. They have seen significant reduction to their annual expenses as well as an increase in revenue from $21 million to $35 million by implementing Syteline. They gained real time visibility into details of all business processes and improved tracking of labor and scheduling of tasks. This not only helped them to stay competitive, but increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Duramax Marine LLC

Duramax Marine LLC, manufactures a variety of marine products, including essential ship components. They needed to compete on a more global level and stay current with industry technology standards. After evaluating several ERP systems, they chose Syteline for it’s customizability and compatibility with standard technologies. The new system saved much time and effort, while providing some much needed business intelligence.

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Better Baked Foods

Better Baked Foods is a producer of brand and private label frozen foods operating out of three manufacturing facilities. Using Infor 10 ERP (syteline) to consolidate data from disparate systems, employees are now able to access the data they need more easily. The new system provided extensive inventory control, increased sales %38 percent without increasing staff, and reduced overall IT spending.

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Great Plains

Great Plains is one of America’s leading privately owned producers of farm and landscaping equipment. Recently they adopted Infor Sales Portal and Infor Product Configurator, which substantially benefitted their ability to process orders, which increased their sales volume five times.

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Inalfa Roof Systems

In an increasingly competitive global market, Inalfa needed more flexibility to be able to respond more quickly to the constantly changing requirements of the automotive supply business, including the way in which it communicated with customers and suppliers. The company concluded that its business processes needed to be redefined, standardized, and deployed worldwide so that all business roles are consistent throughout every region. Its goal was to implement a uniform, integrated solution to help facilitate the company's global expansion, leverage resources across operations, improve...

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“First and foremost, we chose Fox Run Systems and Solutions because they have proven their abilities. When we’ve used other service providers in the past, 30% of the billable time was spent educating the individual sent out on how something worked before we could even begin to discuss our issues—even after a plant tour. With FRSS, they just had to see the operation and knew exactly what was needed.”

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