Syteline Production Management


Infor ERP SyteLine Production Schedules are typically used when you manufacture the same item regularly — standard products — and do not need precise tracking of actual labor and material costs for every job.

Rather than being required to report all activity to a specific Work Order, SyteLine Production Schedules allow activities and their costs to be charged to Work Centers. Production schedules allow you to authorize and release production in a simplified manner. A production schedule functions as a blanket job order. Production schedules are sometimes also referred to as work order-less production.

With SyteLine‘s Production schedules, you create production schedules for an entire plant, planner, family of items, or specific customer for a selected time period. You can set up a production schedule for an item with releases for each month of the year; you don't have to create a separate job order each month or each time the item is manufactured.

  • Allows manufacturers to be more spontaneous in authorizing production
  • Flexibility in making schedule changes
  • Reduce effort in establishing and maintaining production plans
  • Reduce paperwork and system transactions
  • SyteLine Production Schedules do not require actual labor and material tracking. Instead, after a Production Schedule is created you need only report the item produced and the quantity and the labor and material are back flushed.
  • Costs are charged to the items produced in the work center based on the standard bill of material and routing
  • Track the cumulative production for an item in time buckets you choose (daily, weekly, or monthly)
  • Best suited for Make-to-Stock Finished Goods/Components, and High Volume-to-Order


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