Product Configurator

3D Design Automation Feature

Rapid Creation of As-Engineered Product Definitions

3D Design Automation dramatically reduces the time and cost required to produce configuration-specific product definitions at an as-engineered level of detail and accuracy suitable for use by engineering, sales and manufacturing. it replaces time consuming and tedious manual CAD operator activity with automatic generation of:

  • High Level models and quote drawings to support product visualization and customer collaboration during the configuration sales process.
  • Specification drawing and CAD files (e.g. DXF, IGS STP files) for delivery to the customer once the order is placed
  • Shop drawings such as detail section, quality and inspection drawings at the assembly, subassembly, and component level for use by manufacturing
  • Detailed assembly models for use by engineers for further engineering analysis or to generate CNC instructions for numerically controlled equipment

Innovative Design Methodology

Using the 3D Design Automation design methodology, designers leverage the Product Configurator rules along with their existing 3D CAD system to develop product family models. These models are then used as templates for the automatic generation of configuration-specific product designs. In addition to supporting the automatic generation process, this approach speeds the design process. It produces product family models that are faster and less expensive to develop and maintain than traditional 3D models developed using the CAD system alone.

  • A ‘design for customization’ approach establishes the guidelines and standards to create product family models that provide maximum flexibility and ease of configuration.
  • A design reference database enables the use of highly modular 3D models that combine to represent the complete product family by mapping input variables to the various sub-models, their attributes and their location, position, and orientation within the completed product.
  • A testing application provides the tools for designers to easily exercise and verify product family models before releasing them for use in the automated generation process.

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