Product Configurator

2D Design Automation Feature

Visualization, output generation & complex dimensional calculations

As a product visualization tool, 2D Design Automation provides immediate confirmation that a configured product looks exactly the way the customer wants it to look. It can be run:

  • Interactively as an integral part of the configuration process
  • After all configuration selections are made

As a drawing output generator, 2D Design Automation geometry engine can be queried for values it calculates based upon inputs from the configurator. Key driving dimensions are passed to the geometry engine which resolves the constraints and dimensions. The configurator can then use those values in the configuration session. This capability can be used to:

  • Keep complex engineering logic or math external to configuration rules.
  • Reduce errors in computation by using a robust geometry engine to do the math
  • Improve performance by using powerful mathematical solvers built into the geometry engine

Develop models with popular CAD tools

Parametric 2D Design Automation template models used by the geometry engine are created with the 2D sketching capabilities of popular CAD systems enhanced with Flex2D sketching capabilities of popular CAD systems enhanced with Flex2D plug-in. Using this innovative approach, existing drawings can often be turned into “smart” 2D models in a matter of hours.

The resulting models enable 2D Design Automation to automatically resolve constraints and dimensional relationships between geometric elements and perform complex calculations necessary during configuration to generate the images dynamically. This results in:

  • Reduced model design time
  • Easy maintenance of complex logic in visual templates
  • Optimal run-time performance

Leaverage the power of 2D CAD



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