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ION Pulse Feature

ION Pulse is the architectural layer on top of ION that collects all the business events, alerts, tasks, and notifications, exposing them as a set of APIs to be used by applications like Infor Ming.le to push all the work in real time to end users. The ION Pulse API implements asynchronous notification patterns. Whenever there are new items, ION Pulse notifies the applications to fetch them.

Follow & Subscribe on-demand to application "tweets®"

  • Follow important contextual information
  • Ability to follow specific keywords
  • Follow information from multiple sources including Infor and non-Infor applications
  • Follow exceptions and specific tasks across the enterprise


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“We engaged Fox Run and Solutions to look into system performance issues that occurred three months after upgrading to SL8. As a result of their experience, knowledge and genuine concern, our routing processes and reports have decreased run time by as much as 75%. With some additional hardware tuning recommended by FRSS, we eagerly anticipate even better results. ”

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