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Monitor your business, perform key tasks, and keep things moving using the mobile device of your choice with Infor Motion. You can easily develop custom mobile apps and deliver capabilities unique to mobile technology that result in new ways of thinking, working, and getting things done. With Infor Motion, you can.

  • Unlock the power of your enterprise solutions. Seamlessly integrate mobile capabilities with your Infor applications. Infor’s Intelligent Open Network (ION) technology makes integration straightforward and simple, allowing you to take advantage of the full power of your applications, no matter how you access them
  • Manage mobile access from a single screen. With centralized provisioning capabilities, you can drag and drop users to allow or restrict mobile access and quickly cut off permissions when changes occur. Managing mobile access becomes easier, without putting your information at risk
  • Easily build and deploy custom mobile applications . You can build mobile apps that integrate seamlessly and securely with your existing Infor applications. You’ll increase the value of core systems and keep pace with a rapidly changing business environment
  • Deliver capabilities unique to mobile technology, through features like mapping and location services. The combination of mobile and core enterprise systems is a powerful one that allows you to work in ways not otherwise possible. From mapping customers within a certain distance of a rep’s location to uploading images into systems directly



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What Our Customers Say

“We have used Fox Run Systems and Solutions in more than a dozen projects over the last ten years. Projects such as complicated report creation, schema changes, Syteline multisite, version upgrades, data collection and acquisition DB mergers have allowed Syteline to grow with our business. The ROI gained from having expert professionals focusing solely on the task at hand has always made projects implement quicker and cheaper than any other third party or OEM.”

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Power Solutions Manufacturer
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