Syteline Customer Order Entry

Custom Orders

SyteLine supports make/configure to order operations. By using Infor Product Configurator’s capabilities, order entry staff are provided:
  • Guided product selection that helps users identify and select the product that best fits their needs
  • Product configuration that helps users understand and select available features, options, and dimensions, while ensuring they define a valid product
  • Product pricing that ensures an accurate price and/or cost for any given configuration.


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What Our Customers Say

“We engaged Fox Run and Solutions to look into system performance issues that occurred three months after upgrading to SL8. As a result of their experience, knowledge and genuine concern, our routing processes and reports have decreased run time by as much as 75%. With some additional hardware tuning recommended by FRSS, we eagerly anticipate even better results. ”

IT Manager
Commercial and Residential Door Manufacturer
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